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The Murray Symphony is made up of 86 instrumentalists. With members coming from a wide variety of professions and ages, from teenagers to those in their 80s, they come together with a love for good music and find enjoyment in performing the works of the masters. The Murray Symphony is more than just a group or an orchestra, it is a family that works together and plays together. 

Meet The Conductors

Julie Christofferson

Musical Director,


Julie has been a conductor and adjudicator in the area for many years. Previously teaching at Jordan and West Jordan High Schools.  She enjoys golf and composing and arranging music, some of which you can find on iTunes. Julie currently plays trumpet with the Top Brass Quintet and Gabriel.



Associate Conductor

Jim has been a part of the music scene in Salt Lake for 35+ years. Playing mainly bass, he can also play piano, guitar and viola! Jim loves the aesthetics of the great outdoors including, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, kayaking, bird watching, and studying the geology of Southern Utah's red rock country.



Assistant Conductor

Michelle enjoys being a part of the Murray Symphony Orchestra family. You will not only find her on the podium but also in the violin, viola, cello, and sometimes percussion sections. Music is her lifeblood, and she is never happier than when she is making music with other people who find joy in the experience.

Meet The Orchestra

Violins, 1st

Emily Allen

Julianne Andersen

Joan Blackburn

Kent Broadbent

Michelle Brown

Melanie Dean

Taz Hinkle

Rosalie Kiholm

Julene Maddocks

Leslie W. McClure

Tammy Nelson

Madisen Smith

Jayna Stark

Debby Wetzel

Violins, 2nd

Heidi Ahlers

Lau Ann Anderson

Lucille Baker

Melissa Black

Julie Conner

Shelley Davis

Evelyn Frederick

Kristie Giles

Cherie Hale

Esperanze Hauptman

Becky Held

Emily Hills

Bonnie Miller

Marianne Norris

Renee Parker

Jennifer Waters


Amanda Brown

Sarah Gale

JoAnne Hinkle

Caron Marriott

Amy Pond

Carolyn Shackleford

Michelle Willis 


Sierra Anderson

Amanda Bachman

Ben Cook

Judy Cox

Leanne McKenney

Evelyn Partner


Karen W. Heath

Mikayla Nelson

Luca Ramos

Jim Thompson

Cassie Wagstaff


Laurel Smith


Clarissa Andersen

Alison Ediger

Michele Hart

Claudia Horton


Carolee Bowen

Sylvia Hadlock


Leon Francis

Melanie Pehrson

Sara Wilson


Ken Andersen

Gene Sartain

French Horn

Charlotte Artigues

Rita Bennett

Beverly Dalling

Kiz Hancock

Donna Lyon

Melody Mercer

Mike Packham


Michael Hauptman

Sandra Price

Shane Turner


Aaron Anderson

Paul Anderson

Matt Pond

Bob Partner


Dave Beck

Robert Mott


Joe Alexander

Molly Janke

Jacob McBride

David Thalmann

P.O. Box 571213
Murray, UT  84157-1213

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